Sunday, August 27, 2017

Sweet Sunday

Today ends my youngest child’s summer vacation.

Tomorrow he begins a new adventure.

He is starting in a Charter School. I have homeschooled him since the beginning except for 2 years and I think being in 8th grade he needs more of a focus and accountability to someone else other than Mom.

I have to say I am pretty impressed with what they sent him for books and supplies as well as a computer set up along with printer. He is not happy, but I really think once he gets into a good routine he will really enjoy it. I know it will be a struggle at first and I am fully expecting pushback a bit but I do not know too many 13 year old boys that in any situation that is new and one they do not want to be involved in that would not react the same way.

So along with his new adventure, it is a new adventure for me too. I am the one usually working hours on making out the schedules and curriculum then sitting teaching. So I am looking forward to a little change. One where I have a little more freedom in my schedule.

Well eventually I will. After we both get ramped up with what is expected of each of us and not having to nag and push my boy.Winking smile

With school beginning comes new opportunities as summer winds down and Autumn quickly approaches. I am actually beginning to look forward to Autumn. The change in the colors, the crisp night air, the seemingly brighter days. Less than a month away on the calendar…here though it is beginning to feel a bit like fall at sunset and early mornings, which I do enjoy because I can leave the AC off.20170731_171738

We also have been getting some pretty intense thunderstorms the past couple of weeks. They seemingly pop up out of nowhere and have just as quickly moved through. I remember many a summer day in Florida this would be a typical afternoon. But not so much here, until the past 2 years or so. They seem more frequent and more intense. Or maybe I am just paying more attention, not as many distractions in my life? Who knows, I am just working on rolling with what comes my way and to make things work as best as they can.

Until next time…keep rolling!! Hot smile

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