Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Sunny Monday

As Mondays go, it was a pretty good day.

My eating was better.

I averted a sugar coma.

I hate it when you order coffee…black because you do not want them to mistakenly add sugar and you still get a sickingly sweet cup of coffee!

That happened at a local McDonald’s yesterday. I took 1 sip and almost threw up. I even asked at the window….no sugar right?

”Yes ma’am”

Yes ma’am my foot! It tasted like extra sugar! What a waste, I was already in route and working before I tasted it so it went in the trash.

My daily eats:

August 28th

Breakfast: english muffin with almond butter and a few chocolate chips

Lunch: turkey and cheese roll ups with some grapes

Snack: coffee with extra nonfat milk, sugar free cinnamon dolce and topped with whipped cream

Dinner: broiled steak, potatoes and carrots

No photo of the McDonald's coffee as I literally had 1 sip and tossed it.

Overall a decent day.

It was nice and mild weather with a gorgeous sun shining.

Until next… time keep shining!

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