Wednesday, August 30, 2017

A Fishing We Will Go

No food pics as yesterday was my and my boy time…with some of his friends.

First we went and picked a few apples.

Apple 3

Absolutely delish tasting apples if I do say so myself.

We saw gorgeous grapes too, but they were mot quite ready to be picked.

Grapes 1

Where’s waldo, err Robbie?!

Robbie 2

China Lake 1

The to the lake for a little rest and leisurely fishing.

Boys fishing 6

We encountered some ducks.

Ducks 2

I enjoyed being by the water, not the ocean but it was still relaxing.


Rob enjoyed all that goes with fishing…even the slimy icky stuff.

Robbie fishing 3

Food choices were still good, but no photos to show. Onto another day.

Until next time….keep swimming!

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