Sunday, March 12, 2017

That's My Budget and I am Sticking to it!

Last month I wrote about budgeting and eating healthy.

How am I doing?

Not terribly bad.

I have started implementing some strategies I spoke about. Dusting off old habits. Good habits here folks.

Even though I used to be very very good with this, feeding a family of 5 for about $50- $75 a week, It had been a few years and a lot has changed in my life since then.

My days are filled with so much to do already that to cook completely from scratch is not totally an option for me. There are short cuts I need to figure out, so there is a learning curve here going on. The kitchen clean up alone add so much time, however I do know once I get a work flow going it saves time in the long run....just need to find my groove.

Eating healthy for me is the key, not just for myself but my kids too. Being healthy is a main concern for all of us.

Learning where all the deals are I thought I had conquered...that is until 2 weeks ago when my son was having severe tooth pain and a dear friend texted me asking if we needed anything they were at the store up the road from us. I had been in there a few times, grabbing a few things and had noticed great meat prices, but dismissed the thought to shop there regularly because typical prices were very high. No surprise as they are a small grocery store located in a small town that caters to convenience. Well it was then I fund out from my friend they have a sales flyer online! Who would have thunk it!? Not me! Score! They DO have great sales and walking distance to my house! So I will be adding shopping their sales to my budget routine.

Lesson not just dismiss a store for great deals because they have typically higher prices overall, especially if it will not add anymore miles to your regular routine.

Do you have gems close to you that you have discovered?

Where is your favorite place to shop and find great deals?

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