Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Life after Divorce: The Eating Files

Hello form the frigid north! It is a current balmy 25 degrees out and this is going to be the "warmest" of the day.

Hello Spring? Well not quite yet with the weather. eating has really gotten out of control over the past year or so and I am working hard to wrangle it back in to a healthy control. I know it is bad habits creeping back in, the worst one being eating my emotions instead of dealing with them.

Getting a grip on being alone was a lot easier initially when my ex left. I was actually at peace after a 20+ years of a not so happy marriage. Juggling all the new titles and responsibilities being a single mom really took a toll this past year in many ways. I started loosing myself to the stigma of being the supermom and doing it all. It has been an eye opener after having our family photos done this past month. I do not like who I see on the outside very much and to be honest I feel myself slipping away a bit to a deep dark place. Spiraling. That spiral is slowly coming to a stop and I am seeing a glimpse of light at the end of a very long tunnel.

I know who I want to be and what I want to do, now comes the work. The setting of goals. The map to help me get to the end goal.

Logging my food intake is a step in this process and though I do not always post here what I am eating I do take photos of all I put in my is a great visual aid to keep track.

Without further ramblings from me here is the WIAW edition of my Daily Eats:


Protein this stuff.


Flat bread PB toast with banana.


More coffee with lots of skim milk.

Crisped cheese with smeared avocado.


Leftover roast beef cubed and heated with roasted peppers and onions covered in cheese.

Not a bad day....focused on protein first and added in vegetables and some fruit.

It is your turn to talk to me:

Where is your focus when meal planning?

Do you have a go to quick meal?

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