Friday, March 10, 2017

Creating My Happy

Hello friends, thanks for stopping by today.

The weather here in New England has been less than ideal in my opinion. Again more snow today with possibly a Nor'Easter coming midweek next week.

I really am trying to like the white stuff!

Oh well I move on.

Starting my day with my breakfast of champions.

Protein coffee.

I mentioned yesterday of a certain addiction....

Oh it is definitely an addiction, but such a tasty one!

Cheese crisp "taco" shells. So yummy!!! And crunchy. In my opinion there is just nothing better to love.

My daughter is the sweetest.

There is this fabulous Italian Bakery up a few store fronts from where she works and they make the best cannolis!

She bought me a Kahlua Cannoli...Oh my yum!

Diner was sort of a mishap as I had forgotten to take something out for dinner!

I had boiled some eggs the day before though soooo....

Egg salad with green side salad and yes you guessed it! More cheese crisps.

I had a few emails asking how do I make these and the truth is they are quite easy and can be made in the microwave and oven. I prefer the oven method but you need to watch them very carefully or they will burn.

You place parchment paper on a cookie sheet and make small mounds of shredded cheese. Turn the oven on and set to 375 degrees. You will not wait for it to preheat but rather just warming as you are flattening your cheese mounds. I have found they work best by flattening the cheese mounds out as thin as possible and making a small well in the middle. I bake mine about 8 minutes, you will need to do a trial in your own oven as they all run differently.

I am loving having the time to allow my creative brain to work.

We had friends who just celebrated their anniversary and I totally blanked on it. It happens to fall on my anniversary date that is no longer my anniversary and I just had a hard time this year with it. BUT I am in a much better place now thankfully.

I put together a goodie basket for them. I love making gift baskets, I think they are my favorite gift to make and give. You can personalize them so much to the person and occasion.

What creative things do you enjoy spending time on?

Do you like getting gift baskets?

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