Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Crazy Days...Life Changing

When life throws you craziness just go with it.

Because really what else can you do? Make the most out of everything that is thrown at you, turning a negative into a positive.

One thing I have been failing miserably at is tracking my food intake. Taking photos of everything I put into my mouth really helps keep things in perspective for me and I have just gotten away from doing it for all my meals.

So instead of sharing a day in daily eats I am going to share some of my fave meals I have had over the past few weeks.

One thing I have been doing is choosing a meat to make on Sundays and reinventing it in leftovers throughout the week.

This past week I made up a bunch of taco meat using ground turkey.

A simple taco salad on day 1.

I have mentioned this before that I love using bell peppers as a natural cup measure.

Day 2 I stuffed the taco meat into bell peppers and then topped with cheese, veggies and sour cream. Mmmmmm

I just had a hankering for a steak and cheese, so I made a bunless version that was divine!

It was frigid over last weekend and chili is always a great comfort food that won't derail my new way of eating.

This is a hearty Steak Chili...recipe if you'd like to try it is HERE.

Not really a meal but more of a snack....crispy cheese with sour cream and hot sauce.

A fave!

And meatloaf is staple here as well. Though while writing this post I might have to try meatloaf stuffed peppers soon!

The recipe for my meatloaf is HERE.

My goal is to gt back on track with meal planning and prep and tracking my food intake. It is really important to help reach my health goals.

To view other great meal ideas be sire to visit Peas and Crayons.

What have you eaten this week that was just oh so yummy???

Do you have a fave go to in the colder months?

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