Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Life after Divorce: The Eating Files

Hello form the frigid north! It is a current balmy 25 degrees out and this is going to be the "warmest" of the day.

Hello Spring? Well not quite yet with the weather. eating has really gotten out of control over the past year or so and I am working hard to wrangle it back in to a healthy control. I know it is bad habits creeping back in, the worst one being eating my emotions instead of dealing with them.

Getting a grip on being alone was a lot easier initially when my ex left. I was actually at peace after a 20+ years of a not so happy marriage. Juggling all the new titles and responsibilities being a single mom really took a toll this past year in many ways. I started loosing myself to the stigma of being the supermom and doing it all. It has been an eye opener after having our family photos done this past month. I do not like who I see on the outside very much and to be honest I feel myself slipping away a bit to a deep dark place. Spiraling. That spiral is slowly coming to a stop and I am seeing a glimpse of light at the end of a very long tunnel.

I know who I want to be and what I want to do, now comes the work. The setting of goals. The map to help me get to the end goal.

Logging my food intake is a step in this process and though I do not always post here what I am eating I do take photos of all I put in my is a great visual aid to keep track.

Without further ramblings from me here is the WIAW edition of my Daily Eats:


Protein this stuff.


Flat bread PB toast with banana.


More coffee with lots of skim milk.

Crisped cheese with smeared avocado.


Leftover roast beef cubed and heated with roasted peppers and onions covered in cheese.

Not a bad day....focused on protein first and added in vegetables and some fruit.

It is your turn to talk to me:

Where is your focus when meal planning?

Do you have a go to quick meal?

Sunday, March 12, 2017

That's My Budget and I am Sticking to it!

Last month I wrote about budgeting and eating healthy.

How am I doing?

Not terribly bad.

I have started implementing some strategies I spoke about. Dusting off old habits. Good habits here folks.

Even though I used to be very very good with this, feeding a family of 5 for about $50- $75 a week, It had been a few years and a lot has changed in my life since then.

My days are filled with so much to do already that to cook completely from scratch is not totally an option for me. There are short cuts I need to figure out, so there is a learning curve here going on. The kitchen clean up alone add so much time, however I do know once I get a work flow going it saves time in the long run....just need to find my groove.

Eating healthy for me is the key, not just for myself but my kids too. Being healthy is a main concern for all of us.

Learning where all the deals are I thought I had conquered...that is until 2 weeks ago when my son was having severe tooth pain and a dear friend texted me asking if we needed anything they were at the store up the road from us. I had been in there a few times, grabbing a few things and had noticed great meat prices, but dismissed the thought to shop there regularly because typical prices were very high. No surprise as they are a small grocery store located in a small town that caters to convenience. Well it was then I fund out from my friend they have a sales flyer online! Who would have thunk it!? Not me! Score! They DO have great sales and walking distance to my house! So I will be adding shopping their sales to my budget routine.

Lesson not just dismiss a store for great deals because they have typically higher prices overall, especially if it will not add anymore miles to your regular routine.

Do you have gems close to you that you have discovered?

Where is your favorite place to shop and find great deals?

Friday, March 10, 2017

Creating My Happy

Hello friends, thanks for stopping by today.

The weather here in New England has been less than ideal in my opinion. Again more snow today with possibly a Nor'Easter coming midweek next week.

I really am trying to like the white stuff!

Oh well I move on.

Starting my day with my breakfast of champions.

Protein coffee.

I mentioned yesterday of a certain addiction....

Oh it is definitely an addiction, but such a tasty one!

Cheese crisp "taco" shells. So yummy!!! And crunchy. In my opinion there is just nothing better to love.

My daughter is the sweetest.

There is this fabulous Italian Bakery up a few store fronts from where she works and they make the best cannolis!

She bought me a Kahlua Cannoli...Oh my yum!

Diner was sort of a mishap as I had forgotten to take something out for dinner!

I had boiled some eggs the day before though soooo....

Egg salad with green side salad and yes you guessed it! More cheese crisps.

I had a few emails asking how do I make these and the truth is they are quite easy and can be made in the microwave and oven. I prefer the oven method but you need to watch them very carefully or they will burn.

You place parchment paper on a cookie sheet and make small mounds of shredded cheese. Turn the oven on and set to 375 degrees. You will not wait for it to preheat but rather just warming as you are flattening your cheese mounds. I have found they work best by flattening the cheese mounds out as thin as possible and making a small well in the middle. I bake mine about 8 minutes, you will need to do a trial in your own oven as they all run differently.

I am loving having the time to allow my creative brain to work.

We had friends who just celebrated their anniversary and I totally blanked on it. It happens to fall on my anniversary date that is no longer my anniversary and I just had a hard time this year with it. BUT I am in a much better place now thankfully.

I put together a goodie basket for them. I love making gift baskets, I think they are my favorite gift to make and give. You can personalize them so much to the person and occasion.

What creative things do you enjoy spending time on?

Do you like getting gift baskets?

Thursday, March 9, 2017

True Story...I almost Gave Up

I would be a hypocrite if I did not admit that I almost gave up.

Gave up on what?

**Warning: this is a rant! Proceed at your own risk.**

Gave up on me. On making changes that would make me a better person. On losing weight.

Throwing in the proverbial towel.

For some time I had been in a very dark place, though many would never have guessed it because I do my best to hide my dark negative feelings. Instead I ate them. Which really is what got me to my ultimate high weight of almost 400 pounds! I NEVER want to go back there.

I have had more of a difficult time adjusting to being a single mom then even I realized. Trying to be it all, for everyone, but especially my kids. To support them, catapulted into a full-time work schedule coupled with being mom and dad and all things they need in between. When they are sick, when they are hurt, when they just need me.

I know I am whining, or am I? I know there are MANY single Moms. Some by choice, some not at all by choice. I am NOT by choice but rather through the selfish acts of my ex-husband who I feel stole so much from me and never had the decency to respond to me when I confronted him on how I felt. So may unresolved feelings that I have been stuffing down and covering in food. At times feeling sorry for myself. 

I never would have thought my life would be this way even just 5 years ago. I know in MANY ways I am better without my ex, but I struggle in ways I never realized I would ever be struggling. It is those struggles I am working through to help them make me a better person. It is those struggles I NEED to stop pushing them down by eating my feelings. Eating my feelings will NOT make them go away, it will however bring more struggles and issues that I will need to ultimately deal with, but after I lose so much of the person I am working on releasing form the bonds of unhappiness.

I have kept myself pretty stable with little things since he left. I moved as soon as I could knowing the home we had lived in would be unmanageable being alone with 2 of my kids. We have lived in the same apartment though for the past couple years since though.

One of the things I have truly struggled with is employment and the challenges of being a single mom. I need something flexible enough that when appointments come up for my kids I can be there to take them. I home school my youngest because of severe anxiety that had been enhanced by his dad leaving me. That is challenging  but worth the effort to watch him blossom. I had been a stay at home Mom for most of our marriage of 20+ years, so no real skills to speak of. To find something has been incredibly difficult to say the least and I have been through multiple jobs. But I rely on my creator to get me through and I can say He has never left us without anything we have needed.

I can truly say my faith has kept me from giving up on everything though and just ending it. Yes I mean ending it all. I am thankful for that and that even in my darkest moments I may have given up on me, I never could give up on my God, my kids and the amazing friends I have because of my faith.

The dark clouds have finally lifted for the most part and I am ready to move on in regaining my health and that woman I had been struggling to release from the bondage of fat.

It is time to be a little selfish and to take the time I need to make better choices, to take time to exercise and to acknowledge my feelings and work through them. Punching something comes to mind a lot when I am angry about things, maybe a punching bag should be in my future. Hmmm I like that thought, work out and take out my anger on a poor innocent bag of fluff. Food for thought there.

I can do anything I set my mind to.

Cheese Addiction

Today is gonna be a great day!

I can feel it.

Morning began with my coffee with added protein though did not take a photo of it. I am awake at 3am to begin my day so...

My "lunch" can come pretty early.

This was amazing! I made a "taco" shell out of cheese.! Oh this just elevated it to a whole new level my friends!

So very good.

Snack time....

More cheese over tortilla chips with avocado and sour cream drizzled with hot sauce.

Yes I LOVE cheese!

I finally tried Arctic Zero today!

Chocolate peanut butter cup.

It was pretty good I have to say.

Moving onto dinner.

Herb coated fish with roasted peppers and onions. Liked it a lot. Sometimes you just need a shortcut.

Ending my night with:

Not too bad of a day.

What good things did you eat yesterday?

Do you have a guilty pleasure food you enjoy?

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Crazy Days...Life Changing

When life throws you craziness just go with it.

Because really what else can you do? Make the most out of everything that is thrown at you, turning a negative into a positive.

One thing I have been failing miserably at is tracking my food intake. Taking photos of everything I put into my mouth really helps keep things in perspective for me and I have just gotten away from doing it for all my meals.

So instead of sharing a day in daily eats I am going to share some of my fave meals I have had over the past few weeks.

One thing I have been doing is choosing a meat to make on Sundays and reinventing it in leftovers throughout the week.

This past week I made up a bunch of taco meat using ground turkey.

A simple taco salad on day 1.

I have mentioned this before that I love using bell peppers as a natural cup measure.

Day 2 I stuffed the taco meat into bell peppers and then topped with cheese, veggies and sour cream. Mmmmmm

I just had a hankering for a steak and cheese, so I made a bunless version that was divine!

It was frigid over last weekend and chili is always a great comfort food that won't derail my new way of eating.

This is a hearty Steak Chili...recipe if you'd like to try it is HERE.

Not really a meal but more of a snack....crispy cheese with sour cream and hot sauce.

A fave!

And meatloaf is staple here as well. Though while writing this post I might have to try meatloaf stuffed peppers soon!

The recipe for my meatloaf is HERE.

My goal is to gt back on track with meal planning and prep and tracking my food intake. It is really important to help reach my health goals.

To view other great meal ideas be sire to visit Peas and Crayons.

What have you eaten this week that was just oh so yummy???

Do you have a fave go to in the colder months?