Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Super Bowl Party 2017

And it was over....

Or was it? I was not a fan of either team playing this year in the Superbowl but I watched a bit anyway.

Then got bored....

...and apparently missed quite a good game for the Pat's fans out there.

I know I know I live in the heart of Pat's nation but I am NOT a fan of them. I am a long time Giants fan.

So I was cheering for the Falcons.

And I love the way black and red look together. I am female I like pretty things even in a manly event. But hey I am me and I am loving the me I am finding under all the past I am shedding!

All ready for the games...and eating to begin!!

I made chili as a main dish, but those photos are on my home. So another day I will share that.

The snacks were delish!

Not all WLS friendly but good I need to make all happy if I can and with snacks that is pretty much a possibility with a little planning.

Here is my plate...all WLS friendly according to my bariatric team....check with YOURS if not sure. I do not police what you eat and I do not want it done to me....thanks! =)

I made traditional deviled eggs, though you may want to try my Avocado Deviled Eggs....oh so so good!!

I made bacon wrapped smokies, a mustard sauce to go with them, cheese crisps and guac. I could eat these food groups each and everyday. They are definitely some of my favorites.

There were also mixed nuts, chips, crackers, spinach dip and cupcakes for dessert.

Great night with loves in my life.

Did you watch the Superbowl?

What food faves did you make or eat?

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