Thursday, January 19, 2017

What To DO?

Waking to yet another fresh coat of the white stuff this morning.

Yes it is beautiful but as I said yesterday it is not fun to drive in.

I am hearing the snow plow trucks out taking care of the I do live in more of a city setting though and I drive today to extremely rural areas where that may not be the case....thus the extreme stress for this morning.

Yes we are making up for the past year when we had a pretty mild winter.

My issue. The biggest thing I am stressing about. Is all the driving I do with my job.

This is  fold because in May my job ends anyway. The company I work for lost the contract of the client I work under on a great team so all our jobs go away at the end of May. Of course when this happens people panic jump ship and the remainder of the contract goes unfulfilled for the client so we are being offered a descent retention bonus. I had all intentions of staying to the end until the new routing came out and the upper management has made my life more stressful with the distance and amount of stores they placed in my territory.

In great driving conditions it would be a bit stressful but in the weather we have been getting and as unpredictable many areas I drive to if the roads are going to be in descent shape and safe has compiled it so I am truly rethinking if it is worth staying on. There is a bonus to make our numbers involved as well and I already know they have created an impossible situation for me and it would be a miracle if I were to make those numbers.

So I am at a quandary of should I stay or should I go?

Writing sometimes helps me see things. I write....then read in a few days and the answer then seems so clear.

Does that happen to you?

My life over the pas couple years has been filled with many many changes. Some very good, some very bad.

When decisions have arisen, especially big ones I have and will continue to rely on prayer, the direction received. To get an answer requires specifics. That is truly what my issue is. Thinking of a specific to pray for to see the answer.

I know what I want. That may not be necessarily the best thing for me, for my kids.

At Judges 13:8 is states "Instruct us about what we should do."

This is what I am working on. Allowing myself to continue to be instructed by God and directed by his will not mine.

One day at a time.

For now I am off to get ready to beat the streets again and make a difference where I can.

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