Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Love Hate Relationships

Do you have any of those?

I think I have more than anyone person should have but it is what it is.

One is with my job. I love having a job and the company itself. I hate a few aspects of my job though. The ungodly amount of driving I do for one. I drive close to 1,000 miles a week, my poor car! I think she may be getting ready to need retirement. The upside of driving with my job is I can route myself for the most part where I want for that particular day or rearrange my routed schedule due to weather or personal appointments, as I did yesterday and Monday.

4 1/2 years ago I had weight loss surgery that for the most part has been successful and have...up to my last visit...had no side effects.

For that I am extremely thankful as I know there are a vast amount of possible issues that can arise after weight loss surgery.

For me I was healthy prior to surgery just severely obese. In fact I remember being concerned my insurance would turn me down because of not having any health issues. So what is going on? Well my iron was really really low. I have a top notch bariatric team that do not mess around. See I was not classified as anemic but rather my storehouse was almost depleted. I had a measure of 9...the normal range is between 20 - 30 but given I will not accept any blood if the need arose they want it to be closer to 50.

I first visited with the head of the department of the Anemia Clinic for a consult. He was great at explaining and answering my questions.

Things like have you noticed brittle hair, dry skin, divets in your nails, tiredness among other things?






OK let's do this!

Then a long 3 hours of siting with an IV in my arm having iron being pumped into my veins.

My daughter The Geekanista sent me this that she found...

I may or may not have a secret love for RDJ. Quite fitting in her opinion! =)

So a long day where I am hoping to feel better soon. The crazy thing is I attributed how I have been feeling to my crazy sleep cycles and stress where in actuality that also could be a side effect to what is going on with my low iron issue!

No issues having the infusion though there is a possibility I may feel like I got hit by a Mack truck in the morning. Hopefully not but there is the possibility.

So another love hate relationship now is with my wls. I love I had it and the success thus far I have experienced, I hate the possible issues that could arise from it and that I am now experiencing due to the malabsorption. This though in the big picture is a tiny pixel.

What love/hate relationships do you have?

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