Monday, January 23, 2017

Happy Pie Day

Oh it is National Pie Day!

So do you know who made the very first Pie?

History shows that pies are traced back to the Egyptians! They used oat, wheat rye and barley to make the crusts ad filled them with honey, then baked it over hot coals. A little later pharaohs bakers added nuts and fruits to the honey in a bread dough.

The pie continued on with the Greeks where it is thought that they actually created the actual pie pastry. They used a flour water paste they wrapped around meat to seal those flavorful juices in.

Then we see the Romans bringing this tradition home with them where they used all types of meat puddings in the shells as well as a dessert filling. The Romans are also credited with the first written pie recipe.

So thank you to the Egyptians for what today is so good!

We have dessert pies like my fave...Pumpkin Pie

TIP: This is my high protein pumpkin pie that I make without crust for me and with crust for my kids to enjoy.

We have savory meal type pies like Chicken Pot Pie

All starting with the pie crust.

Who we do!

What is your favorite type of pie?

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