Saturday, January 14, 2017

4 Year Post Op Follow Up

Crazy it has been 4 years already!

My life, I have changed so much over these 4 years.

Four years ago I was married.

Four years ago I weighed well over 300 pounds!

Four years ago I did not recognize the person I had become.

Four years ago I did not like me.

Four years ago I had no self confidence.


This is the 4 year difference. I am technically 4 1/2 years out but my appointments have been a bit off.

July 5, 2012 my life changed....

For the better all around.

This past year has been a struggle. I have found old coping mechanisms kicking back in with a vengeance.

I found myself missing being married and started filling that "feeling" with food...old habits have a way of rearing their ugly head!

I still have lost and kept off 125 pounds, BUT, yes I know no BUT....But I have gained 25 back this past year.

Grazing is my enemy.

It was very good timing to see my bariatric team.

First I now see why I have been so tired lately.

Why my moods have been off the wall at times.

I attributed it to my bad eating habits that have returned. While indeed I am sure that was a contributor, there is actually medical reason to why I have been feeling the way I have been feeling.

No surprise with this one... I am vitamin D deficient. I live in New England and it can be a challenge to get enough vitamin D naturally never mind that I have an altered digestive track so I do not absorb all my nutrients I eat to boot.

OK makes sense....prescription strength Vitamin D prescribed. CHECK

Then I find out I am severely anemic! Say what?! OK....THAT explains me being tired.....the hair thinning nails looking weird to me! WOW! OK.

Did my eating habits contribute? Probably. Whatever the reason I need to see a specialist to get my levels up.

Waiting on that appointment to be made.

Now....the eating that has gotten out of control. Ugh. This is so irritating to me! I had done really well and now I think WHY DID I ALLOW MYSELF TO GET HERE!?

So I am seeing my nutritionist to get a plan to get myself back on track.

It is a mind reset that I want. I know the deficiencies have an impact on my mental outlook and energy levels so it will be good to get those back to where they need to be and in the meantime I have an 8 week plan to get myself back on track on on the losers bench again....on my way to reach my goal.

Do you have your blood work done regularly regardless if you are a weight loss surgery post op or not?

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