Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Not Eating My Emotions

I thought I had been doing so good emotionally after my divorce. I mean it has been some time now, a year and a half since it was final, though feels like a lot longer.

Pushing my emotions aside is not healing though and that has been discovered since my accident last week. Pretending all is fine is not healing. That is what I had been doing. That is abundantly clear in retrospect. Head junk started up big time!

Then I began looking back over the past year and saw a horrific pattern reemerge... Eating my emotions.

I did that a LOT after I got married, it was my coping mechanism, my comforter. I have fallen back into that mentality being alone now and it is not who I want to be. I am in charge of me....all of me and I need to remember I am worth feeling good. I am worth the effort and time to put into feeling good. Not for anyone else but for me.

Part of this process is becoming aware of all I am putting in my mouth. A portrait of my day and it certainly can reveal if I am eating to fuel my body or to feed my emotions.

The weekly Daily Eats post is a good place to begin. So without further babble here is a snapshot of yesterdays daily eats:

Breakfast is my usual and has been for a ling time.

Protein coffee.

Lunch is a new addiction combo I have come to LOVE.

Crisped cheese with avocado! Oh my! This could become a problem if I am not careful. Seriously.

It was chilly and being home I decided I needed to bake. I know I know, not a great idea. But I did anyway.

I made some cinnamon roll crescents. My kids love them. I was good though because I only ate 1! I will call that a victory. In the not so distant past I would have eaten at least 2 if not 3.

Dinner was good.

REALLY good! Steak and cheese off the roll with edamame.

I actually think I will be having another helping of this later today. I LOVE steak and cheese, love it on the roll, but it was pretty good just as is too so a better option and better fuel for my body with unnecessary excess carbs.

That is it. Not too bad of a day. WAY better than I have had and taking a photo before I eat regardless if I will post it anywhere really has be a huge help for me this past week and it is a necessary evil I will continue to help regain control.

Do you snap a pic of your food?

If you are trying to eat better do you think it is a helpful tool?

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