Friday, December 16, 2016

Frigid Friday

It is a bit chilly this morning!

Pretty happy I am not working and can stay inside for most of the day.

I do have to venture out in a bit but with this...

I am waiting just a bit.

My work week got interrupted Wednesday morning when this happened:

Another vehicle plowed into me as I was making a right turn into my next stop.

Not the way I wanted to end a workweek early that is for sure!

I thought I was ok, but am pretty sore now.  Saw the doctor yesterday, so it is pain therapy, muscle relaxers and a deep tissue massage therapy in my daily routine for the next few weeks.

I was out of town working my southern part of my territory staying at my Fave hotel when I had to leave early too.

The view from my room that morning before I left. We had a dusting overnight and looked pretty in some of the areas I went that morning...before the collision.

I think my kitties know I am hurting.

They will not leave me alone. I have at least 1 on my lap or next to me at every moment.

I love how perceptive they are. Whenever any of us are not feeling well they seem to know it and hover, cuddling. Otherwise they are aloof and do not want anything to do with us.

If you are in any part of the frigid US be safe and stay inside as much as possible!

Are you a fan of the winter white stuff?

What are your favorite winter past times?

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