Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Food On the Go

It is going to be crazy cold the next few days here.


Like Mr. Freeze cold!

And I am on the road for work. Yuk.

But it is what it is I am very thankful to have my job. It is a great job!

I miss it though being away from my kids, but they love it. It gives them a bit of a taste of being on their own. Though I just do not see them being roommates in the future. I do see them eventually becoming lifelong friends. I love my kids...can you tell? I am also pretty proud of them!

Being on the road definitely has its challenges. One of which is to eat healthy without having to pack huge amounts of food in a cooler. I have so much already I need to take with me when working out of the area.

It can be done just have to look, and learn where to look.

Now onto my Daily Eats on the road.

I LOVE the new Gingerbread RTD Shake from GNC! Seriously! It was sooo good! I really hope they keep this one around too. I have been hooked on the Pumpkin Spice but this is just as drinking a dessert for my breakfast! Have you seen or tried it? NO?! Go find it now!

Amazingly good stuff.

So I found this at Cumberland Farms...

Made for a descent lunch.

14g of protein...I will take it.

Dinner in the hotel.

So many choices! Most not good.

Instead I took a trip to the store before getting here and picked this up:

I am not a huge fan of frozen dinners but this actually impressed me a bit.

I bought shredded cheese too, I LOVE cheese so added more to it and was set.

21 g of protein! Under 300 calories! Yes I will definitely take it! It is high in sodium, main reason I am not a fan of the frozen dinners but not a bad choice otherwise.

Then at the store I also bought:

A new wine for me.

It was pretty good. Great way to end the night wile watching Transformers!

Thanks for stopping by!

What do you do when on the go or on the road?

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