Friday, December 30, 2016

Don't Go Bacon My Heart

Oh I LOVE Bacon!

I mean unless you are a vegetarian or Vegan what is there not to love? Am I right?!

Savory…Yummy Goodness!

So in light of it being Bacon day I will enjoy some yummy Bacon goodness.

Breakfast I might enjoy bacon and eggs.

Or my childhood comfy fave of soft boiled eggs mixed with bacon and my adult comfort addition of avocado.

Lunch could be corn chowder…oh this sounds so good! I think I definitely need to make this!

Or how about Bacon wrapped avocado!

There is nothing but goodness to this combo!

Dinner how does bacon wrapped chicken with loaded mashed potatoes sound???

And my kids really enjoy crescent wrapped cheese and bacon sammies.

Here are some other great sounding recipes I found that have bacon in the ingredients list.

I actually want to try them all!! How about you???

How do you Love YOUR bacon?

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