Thursday, December 29, 2016

Bringing Positivity

I truly try to stay positive despite what negative experiences I encounter.

It is just who I am and I know I really do drive some people crazy.

I mean I typically wake up happy and full of energy ready to face the day.

So when I do not wake like that I know there is an issue I need to address.

This is how it has been for months now.

It is time I heal.

I truly feel like what we fuel our body with directly effects our mind.

Impacting it for the good or the bad.

I am ending 2016 with the feeding y body of the not so good grab and go food I have allowed to come back into my life.

Weekly Menu Plan

I need to pay attention to this and make sure I keep a log of it.

I know from experience that this is true for me. I get …no I got into a rut for a while and I am no digging myself out.

I am worth the effort to feel better…emotionally and physically. My kids are worth the effort so I feel good about myself as well.

And I am not waiting for January 1st….I begin today!

How are you making YOU better?

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