Wednesday, November 16, 2016

The Things I See!

With the work I do I am on the road A LOT! So you just never know what you might come across.

Everyday certainly has the potential to be an adventure.

This week has been no different!

I am heading home and off in the distance I see billowing black smoke.

Ugh, what is happening!?

As I get closer...

Traffic is coming to an almost stop on I95...

About 2 miles back a state trooper when FLYING past me, so I figured the smoke was going to be an issue.

Here is the issue...

An older couples truck was just completely a loss. I felt so bad for them. As I passed I saw her just crying and my heart broke even more. They had the area pretty well closed off, I wanted to stop and began to and the other Trooper motioned me to not and to continue moving, so I did. I have been trying to find out the couples name, not even sure if they are from here as you could not make out the license plate. I am still on the search though.

Those were the adventures from the beginning of the week. Yesterday as I was heading to my first stop I again see smoke ahead on the highway! Not black, just A LOT of it. No car fire, just the entire section of woods next to the highway on fire! Total craziness. Firefighters were out there trying to contain it. I guess we need rain! Which by the way we are getting. It has been pouring all night long and I still hear it raining. Hoping it will stop before I need to head out into it. Better rain I guess then snow.

Now we are at my Daily Eats....

Breakfast was a bit different for me...

I left really early so I ate on the road. Pumpkin Pie Greek yogurt with a bit of granola on top.

Lunch was a ham and cheese wrap on Low Carb wrap with veggies. SOOO good!

I am in and out of convenience stores with my job and let me tell you some of these make the best bad things for you! SO to curb the urge I bought a cheese wedge instead. It helped ward off the cravings from the glorious smells I was enduring.

After picking my daughter up from work we went and got a fave of ours while they were B1G1F.

Skinny Peppermint Mochas! MMMMMMMM

Sometimes it is good to mix things up.

Like breakfast for dinner!

I had the opportunity to make homemade gluten free biscuits this weekend and had some left from the Sausage and Biscuits I made for my daughter along with sausage so a quick breakfast, er um dinner was made.

And I leave you today with one of the most spectacular sunsets I have seen in quite a while~

How has your week been so far?

Any excitement for you?

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