Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Steal Away Time For the Important Things

Priorities. They seem to change from time to time so it is always good to reassess them.

When you have kids, they are priority in my book. That is why I try very hard to have one on one time with each of my kiddos.

So the day for me began with a nice hot cup of Protein coffee.

Protein Coffee at

I have to say this is probably my favorite time of the day. It is typically just me alone with my thoughts, or me and one of my cats sitting next to me, reflecting on the day ahead, the things that went on the previous day and my time to converse with our creator. The house is quiet, I can think, I can contemplate, I can make plans. It is my "built in" me time. I am very grateful for this, it keeps me semi-sane.


Apple @

A nice crisp juicy apple. LOVE them. Especially since I know that it was picked with love by one of my kiddos, or me.

Lunch was a spur of the moment date with my kiddo Kat.

Daughter date at

I am so very proud of this girl here. She is a hard worker and such a good person all around. Always thinking about others and happy most of the time. She is blogging too, about her passion of the Marvel Universe. She is such a good writer and has a gift of capturing beautiful images. Go check out her work HERE.

She also has a great job at a local consignment shop where she is doing fabulous AND she runs their blog! It had been abandoned for about a year and the owner asked her to take and run with it and that is exactly what she is doing. You can see what she is doing HERE.

I am not always able to do this but I aim for at least 1 date, planned or not with each little love a month.

It is our time to check in without distraction. With the everyday hustle of working and caring for the needs of the kids as well as my own, sometimes I loose touch a bit and that is why I refocus with each of them individually alone a minimum of once a month. It is my time to get to know them as they are changing so quickly. They grow up way too quick for sure.

My lunch was so good!

Lunch date at

A Reuben flatbread. Wow, I could only eat half but the flavors were amazing! I was very surprised.

Dinner was a fall favorite of mine.

Ham dinner at

Ham and sweet potatoes. There is also spinach with a bit if seasoning on it. Warm and filling. Just what was needed on the cold blustery day.

My kids LOVE eggnog. Me, not so much. I have not ever tried it that I recall it is just the idea of raw eggs, I know the stuff you buy in the store is not, but just have not ever been able to get it past my lips.

Until now...

Holiday Silk Nog at

But that is because this was Silk Nog, so I know for a fact there is no raw eggs as it is soy based.

So I decided to give it a try, the adult way. Mmmm. It was good! Made the traditional non adult versions with added whip cream and sprinkle of nutmeg for the kiddos. Great bonding moment for us. LOL

Next time I think I will warm it though, I just cannot do a whole lot of cold drinks with the cold temps outside.

Do you like eggnog?

Do you drink the "Adult" version?

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