Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Hello November

Hello beautiful faces!

Quite chilly this first of November here in the north.

But no snow...yet

A beautiful morning though. Cold but beautiful.

It is getting pretty clear I will not be able to do a move south until the Spring. Moving in the winter is just not going to happen for me. But maybe that is the answer to my prayer. No, do not move. So with that I am looking for ways to enjoy the cold and the white 4 letter word that will be happening soon. It is all a mind set right?

It is also important for this...



To rely on God to find peace and joy.

Do you enjoy the colder months? What do you enjoy about them?

I do not ski and financially it is really not something I could do even if I wanted to. Ice skating, maybe, but with weak ankles not certain that is a good thing for me to do. Are there exercises I can do to strengthen them? Tubing, I actually do enjoy tubing. That we will be checking out deals to do. I am hoping to take a trip south for at least a vacation in the coldest time, but we will see. Always a work in progress.

Charcoal change to diamonds under pressure,

Love that quote, and is so true. Change happens, if we grow from it, that is what is so important.

Being a parent I find keeping positive despite any change that we do not like is really important. It shows my kids we cannot control everything around us but we can control how we react. That is not to say they have always seen a smile positive Mom standing in front of them. They have seen me cry, get angry, be disappointed and upset, but they also see me regroup and reevaluate my situation to make the most of even the worst situations.

Facing another cold winter is just another one of those things, they definitely have heard me complain about it, they know I am not happy at all about it but they also hear me asking for what we can do this winter to help keep things so we can all enjoy the time as much as possible. They absolutely know and see I am not perfect, but they also see I do my best to make the most of situations, even those I do not like.

On another note my cat has found the dryer...

Cat in a dryer,

Silly kitty!

All input and suggestions are greatly appreciated regarding keeping happy in the winter in the north.

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