Saturday, October 1, 2016

How To Find Fantastic Service

Hello friends!

Welcome to October.

Fall is in full swing, my favorite time of the year and it just does not last long enough!


I want to share with you today a place I love to shop. Being a single Mom I definitely must stretch my dollar the limit and consignments stores are my best friend for many reasons...

  • I find tremendous deals.
  • I can dress, not just myself but my kids as well, to "impress". 
  • I can make money when we tire or outgrow many items, not just clothes.

We have shopped many different consignment stores over the past couple years since me ex-husband left but by far we LOVE Madlyn's in Skowhegan and Waterville!


Why Madlyn's?

So happy you thought of that question!!

  • The owner, Melissa, is an amazing woman!
  • The staff at both stores are top notch.
  • I can sell my Jewelry and Sewing craft items.
  • I LOVE the stuff we find there, always find great clothes, jewelry, shoes, household needs.





The Skowhegan Store even has Horse Gear! Wish I had a horse! I LOVE those beautiful creatures. So many fond memories when I was very young learning to ride from my Aunt when we lived on a horse farm. Ahh, those were the days.


I bought a few things at our visit yesterday, loved all of them but I REALLY loved this hat!


Perfect for fall. I was sooo happy finding this AND it was brand new!

Today, as every first of the month, (unless the first falls on a Sunday, they are closed) is $1 day! Yes that is right, all tags of a particular color, today being orange, are only $ matter what it is or what the original price!

Oh yes! You can bet we will be going shopping today too. We do not always find things but when we do they are major scores. Melissa's pricing is very competitive to begin with but you cannot beat $1. I have bought leather, yes leather, jackets for myself AND kids for just $1! CRAZY!

If you live or plan on a visit to Maine anywhere near Skowhegan or Waterville, stopping at Madlyn's is an absolute must for you thrifty shoppers! You will experience a boutique shopping experience on a frugal budget. If you happen to see Melissa, or my daughter Kaitlynn, let them know I sent you! I won't get anything dear FCC other then the thrill of knowing I shared an awesome experience with someone.

So how do you find fantastic service? Look for local mom & pop establishments with amazing owners like Melissa who strive to make you feel special and expect her staff to also deliver impeccable customer service. Find the establishments that take pride in their business and care about their customers NOT just the almighty dollar. Funny thing is places that have awesome customer service have a tendency to stick around because more and more it seems that customer service, good customer service is becoming a rarity and to find it is a true gem, one I will not let go of.

If you have been there, let me know! I'd love to hear about your experience and finds too!

Until next time...


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