Sunday, December 13, 2015

What Does Succeeding Mean?

Good morning my lovlies.

As I was grocery shopping the other day I got to thinking.

I know...scary!

Certainly can be, especially when I am shopping alone...

No distractions...

Just me...

With my thoughts.

The phrase "Succeeding" has taken on way more than when I started blogging I ever thought it would.

Meaning of Iamsucceeding @

It initially was my positive mantra to lose weight.

Now as I am learning who I truly am all over again I am finding...

Inner strength I never knew I had...

Confidence that I did not know was there...


Peace that I have not felt in a very long time.

Along this my journey I have had my share of ups and downs and undoubtedly will encounter ups and downs as life continues.

The biggest difference in me is how I am dealing with things.

Meaning of Iamsucceeding @

The down times are there.

Like I miss having a best friend as my husband,

But I'm filling that void with many friends.

I am giving of myself and time to other projects that do make me happy.

Meaning of Iamsucceeding @

I do not need a man to complete me...

I'm finding inner strength I forgot I had...

But I do hope to find a best friend again...


Someone who treats me with love...



Someone who shares my faith and puts that first..

So the he will be someone...

Who is there for me.

Who is committed to an "us" and his eyes won't wander.

I have learned I deserve that and will not accept anything less.

I don't need to because I'd rather remain single,

Than settle on less ever again feeling as I  can't or don't deserve better.

My life is filled with hope and wonderful things

Most days I can say are good.

The bad ones I deal and move on.

So see,

I can honestly say...


And that that term truly has new meaning to me.

Until next time...keep moving forward and making your own success!


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