Friday, July 10, 2015

It’s A Gym

Good morning lovlies!!

Hope you are all doing well this wonderful Friday morning.

I was finally able to get back in a gym!

But better than that my kids can join me in working out.

Getting fit as a family.

Planet Fitness would not even let my son in the gym to sit quietly and read while I worked out.

Anytime Fitness allows him to work out on cardio machines WITH me!

That is a major plus in my book!

Teaching them young to take care of their health.

I am taking the No excuses approach here.

We attend a theocratic meeting on Thursday nights until about 8:45 and we had not gotten to the gym prior to going….

So what should I do?!

Go AFTER meeting of course!

Which is exactly what we did.

Did a leg workout and cardio.

Felt good.

Not sore this morning…yet!

I know I will be though.

Back to photo logging the food intake.

Breakfast ~ Protein coffee with a treat of whipped cream topping.

Lunch ~ Thin steak with onions and topped with cheese.

Blueberries! MMMM

 Dinner ~ Simple, quick.

PB with whole grain crackers

Not shown ~ was a glass of wine I had after getting home from the gym

and a Chobani flip yogurt I had as a morning snack.

Was not too hungry at all yesterday.

Until next time…Be fantabulous!


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