Thursday, April 16, 2015


Good morning my lovlies,hope all is well in your part of the globe.

The weather truly has been delightful and I am so very thankful for that.

That has certainly been a contributor to me feeling a bit good mentally.

A little.

Choices are what each of us have on a daily basis with all aspects of our lives.

We are only in control of what we do and how we react.

I lost a lot of who I am during my 21 years of marriage.

I allowed his wants and desires to take precedent.

Now where that truly is what marriage is partially about it should be a 2 way street.

It was not.

If he did not like it, well it rarely happened.

That is my past.

I am choosing to surround myself with those who can truly be happy for the decisions I make.

I do not know if I will get married again, not even certain if I want to at this point, but what I do know is I would want those closest to me to be happy should I choose to do so.

There are things about where I live that I love

There are things I do not like so much


I want to further my ministry so a move might be in my future

Or not.

Though it would be a combo of happy and sad moving away from those I care about

I know I need to surround myself with ones that would support that decision.

Friendship is a gift.

At 2 Corinthians 6:13 it admonishes us to widen out.

To reach out to others.

This is what I am doing


truly enjoying really getting to know so many who had been in my life but only at an acquaintance basis.

The quality of our lives

depends much on the quality of our friendships.

A true friend can help direct your thoughts toward what is good.

Are happy when you are happy and build you up.

They do not get jealous or upset when you spend time with others,

but rejoice that you are following the Bibles admonition and counsel to widen out.

Until next time…keep loving!


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