Thursday, April 16, 2015


Good morning my lovlies,hope all is well in your part of the globe.

The weather truly has been delightful and I am so very thankful for that.

That has certainly been a contributor to me feeling a bit good mentally.

A little.

Choices are what each of us have on a daily basis with all aspects of our lives.

We are only in control of what we do and how we react.

I lost a lot of who I am during my 21 years of marriage.

I allowed his wants and desires to take precedent.

Now where that truly is what marriage is partially about it should be a 2 way street.

It was not.

If he did not like it, well it rarely happened.

That is my past.

I am choosing to surround myself with those who can truly be happy for the decisions I make.

I do not know if I will get married again, not even certain if I want to at this point, but what I do know is I would want those closest to me to be happy should I choose to do so.

There are things about where I live that I love

There are things I do not like so much


I want to further my ministry so a move might be in my future

Or not.

Though it would be a combo of happy and sad moving away from those I care about

I know I need to surround myself with ones that would support that decision.

Friendship is a gift.

At 2 Corinthians 6:13 it admonishes us to widen out.

To reach out to others.

This is what I am doing


truly enjoying really getting to know so many who had been in my life but only at an acquaintance basis.

The quality of our lives

depends much on the quality of our friendships.

A true friend can help direct your thoughts toward what is good.

Are happy when you are happy and build you up.

They do not get jealous or upset when you spend time with others,

but rejoice that you are following the Bibles admonition and counsel to widen out.

Until next time…keep loving!


Friday, April 10, 2015


Good morning lovlies!

AAAh the weather here is blah


I am working on my outlook not being so bleak.

This weekends weather should be much better…


Looking forward to it!

A very sweet friend offered us an opportunity to get away this weekend…

I wish we had been able to go but other obligations prevented us from accepting the offer.

Brought tears to my eyes though to have such loving friends in our lives.

To think of us like that!

Some days I just wanna run.

Run away from here and go somewhere new.

Somewhere I do not see something…

Hear something…

Smell something…

that brings back memories of the part of my life that is now over.

Then I have reminders that even though my life is…has…changed I have such an amazing group of people in my life that mean so much to me.

That I would be running away from them too.

The saying:

“Change is inevitable…Growth is optional.”

Just runs rampant through my head so much lately.

Change has taken place, not by my choice…

The growth, the learning from it…

That is totally on me.

I have learned a lot and am still learning and growing from the experience.

Not something I would recommend by any means to anyone EVER…

Though looking for the positive…

even in a life changing experience as divorce.

I hate that word.

I hate all that surrounds it.

I hate all that it effects and the people it hurts.

It is not just me…

It is our children…

It is our family members…

It is our friends.

It gets a little easier each day…

Then I have a day where the pain is so raw it feels like it all just happened…


Feelings of not being worthy of being loved…

Like I am trash that was thrown out…

used up and kicked to the curb.

God seems to know those times before I even do because it is on those days

that I get a call…

an email..

a text…

or a visit from one of my friends out of the blue and they just remind me of all that is good

that life continues

that I am loved

that it is ok to move on.

Each day certainly brings its own struggles and anxieties


each day I can find the strength to keep going

to keep smiling despite the desire to just curl up in a corner and cry

makes me stronger

brings me closer to healing

closer to really allowing myself to move on

and live again.

Today is a new day

One of which we have yet to see what it holds.

Hope your day is one filled with love and laughter.

Remember to hug those you love!

Until next time…do something that brings a smile to a friend!


Friday, April 3, 2015

People are Gonna Talk

Good morning lovlies.

It truly is so sad that some people just feel the need to make assumptions and then speak about them as if they were fact.

If only they would ask questions before making those assumptions so much could be avoided.

People that talk badly about others will continue to do so.

They are looking for something they probably will never find.

Their expectations are not reasonable.

Even though I know this, it does not take the hurt away when I hear about it.

It hurts because these are people that supposedly cared about me.

Each day is bringing its own challenges.

Some days I can handle these challenges better than others.

Some days all I want to do is to scream.

Other days I wish I had a punching bag.

Then I do have days when I can handle it all pretty good.

Though those days are still far and few between.

I am hopeful though.

Hopeful the days will get easier to handle.

Hopeful my memory will return.

Hopeful my heart will stop hurting so much.

I am so grateful for…

my faith…

my kiddos…

my dad…

my friends.

Without them I just do not want to know where I would be!

I leave you today with this question…

How do you handle difficult people in your life?

Until next time…keep smiling!