Thursday, March 12, 2015


Good morning lovlies!

Yesterday was gorgeous here, actually felt like spring!

Not so much this morning


we have more snow on its way this weekend.

Eventually spring will arrive.

The temps will be warmer.

I greatly look forward to that!

I have never been so busy as I have been lately.


Busy is good.

Keeps my mind off things that bother me.

It does have a down side though.

One I cannot help.

That of spending time with friends like I would like to.

I do have memories…

and photos…

I remember having a friend when I was a new mom who had found herself a single mom after her husband suddenly died. 

I remember taking it personally she could not hang out with me like we had.

I remember getting angry and hurt thinking she just did not care about me anymore.

I now know better.

It is a very hard adjustment.

Now I get it!

So glad we have kept in touch all these years.

In fact aside for the reasons we became single moms our lives of a single mom are parallel in many ways.

Her kids came first .

Her family was right in there.

Her parents had had some issues they needed her help in.

She no longer was a stay at home mom, but forced into the work force.

All this on top of having to deal with her own personal mental anguish of trying to handle it all.

We were not created to do this alone...

To be a one parent family.

Genesis 2:18 shares that man should not continue on his own.

Genesis 2:24 states that man and woman will be one flesh.

Combine the fact we were created to be together for eternity with the fact  we die.

But were were not meant to die.

Genesis 3:19 Adam and Eve condemned to death as were all of there offspring.

So we were not created to deal with being single parents.

Losing loved ones in death.

No wonder we have such a  difficult time dealing with it all.

It is not what God intended for us.

Thankfully he has also given us a way to return to the intended way we should be.

That is ultimately what gets me through the hardest days.

I know all I see and am dealing with today will someday soon be a distant memory.

Better things are on the horizon.

I just need to get through each day.

Take care of what needs to on that day.

This helps me to do that:

I worry and handle the things I need to each day.

The rest I cannot do anything about so no need to worry overly about them.

I have learned to count my blessings daily as well.

When I focus on those, the bad that I am dealing with just does not seem so bad.

It becomes manageable.

THAT in itself I am eternally grateful for.

Until next time…remain amazing!


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