Tuesday, March 24, 2015


Good morning lovlies.


a week has passed.

Time does have a way of flying.

Or maybe it is that I keep forgetting things?

I am not sure.

Maybe a combo of both.

What I do know is this emotional roller coaster needs to stop and let me off.

I am good…

then I lose it.

I hate it.

What I truly hate is the memory lapses I am experiencing.

I have always been so good about remembering things.

Did not need to write appointments down…

Or make notes to remind myself to take care of important things.

Saw my Dr and she said the anxiety and stress absolutely has an impact of what I am experiencing.

Will return in a few weeks after results of some tests to just rule out anything else that might be a cause…

But in the meantime she said to get some daily exercise.


There is that word again.

I know I need to exercise for many reasons.

It has always been the missing thing in my program.

SO I am making notes to remind myself to get up and exercise. =)

To dust off my mini trampoline…

To get out my exercise equipment.

To actually use the tools I already have to help with my stress and anxiety.

As the days get warmer and we regain our sidewalks walking to work will start as well as family walks a few times a week.


Hope your Tuesday is an awesome one.

Until next time…take deep breaths…


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