Tuesday, February 24, 2015


Good morning my friends!

This past weekend was so much needed.

Family got together for a family day.

Laughing can help in a healing process.

I am absolutely so thankful for my family.

We had so many laughs.

So many smiles.

So many hugs.

So many crazy moments!

Gifts of love given.

Today I get another day to continue the healing.

Today I will work hard at letting go of the pain.

The pain of loving someone for so long that did not love me back.

The pain of losing a man I thought would be there for me forever.

That we would grow old together.

Letting go and accepting that he was not the man I thought he was when we got married.

Today I have the opportunity to accept my situation.

To thrive despite my circumstances.

To allow the emotions to flow,

So I can truly heal.

Something that comes to mind often when I do start feeling like my family is lost is…

We, my children and I, are a family.

Family means so much to me and when my soon to be ex-husband left us I felt like our family was shattered.

That is what truly does hurt the most.

So when she said to me we still are a family she helped me more with that statement than she might ever know.

I hear those words echo in my head often and I smile…

and cry…

and smile again.

We STILL are a family despite the fact he walked out.

We are close and are here for each other.

My kids are awesome and I love them so very much.

They are what really matters.

They are where I find my strength.

Just looking into their faces…

their eyes.

I know we will be ok.

Until next time keep strong!


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