Saturday, February 21, 2015

A New Day

I made it through yesterday.

Not without tears.

Not without yelling in my head.

But I made it.

It was hard.

Though my soon to be ex did ask me to forgive him…

he then found someone else…


while we were in talking stages of what I thought was us working on getting back together.

To heal our family.

So I question how much he truly was sorry.

Through this though I have grown.

I have learned it is better to be silent in many situations.

I have been very angry.

I have been working on other ways to deal with that anger though.

I have learned to let go…

To let go of things I cannot change.

I cannot change someone else.

I can only change how I deal with actions of others.

I truly think that is where I find a lot of peace.

Knowing I can let go of the hurt.


That the actions of someone I loved dearly with all my heart…

Do not define me.

That I can move on…

and not just survive…



That is my goal to thrive and become a better person.

To be happy with me.

To be a good example for my kids.

To show them we can only change us.

How we deal with the actions of others.

Other people that hurt us.

Other people that disappoint us.

We can change ourselves.

Not for those that hurt

or disappoint

But for us.

For our happiness.

For our peace of mind.

Looking for that silver lining.

This would be one.

That I am learning to be a better me.

Until next time keep shining…


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