Saturday, January 3, 2015


Good morning lovlies!

Everyday has its own challenges.

Each person faces their own demons.

All in all though I try to live by what the above quote says.

In line with teaching that outlook to my children I have shared 2 ways in which we are striving to keep things positive in our daily lives…

A Gifting Jar

A Gratitude Jar

Both of these help us to focus on good in others and in our personal lives.

There is already so much negativity out there so at times it certainly can be difficult looking to the positive,

and it certainly can be easier to just allow that negativity to swallow us up.

It is a fight.

A struggle.

Not easy.


it is a fight so worth fighting and not giving up on.

Why this focus now?


I have focused almost half of my life trying to please and make 1 person happy.

That person was not me.

All my energy and time went into that and in the process I lost who I was.

I am truly finding me again,

the person I was

it has been a struggle,

it still is a struggle,

a struggle to me is worth it though.

It is a very difficult thing when a person in your life is so demanding of your time and energy,

especially when they do not realize they command such attention.

It also amazes me at how much you just do not realize it until you take a step back


they do,

because you love and care about them that initially it seems natural,

a good thing,

a loving thing.

But when it begins to rob you of your personal joy,

when you begin to lose who you are,

that is when it needs to find a balance.

If nothing else I have certainly learned a lot over my 21 years of marriage.

I have many good memories.

I have 3 children that I love dearly.

I can honestly say I love my soon to be ex-husband, and probably always will

just too much has happened and changed for us to be together.

Even something as horrible as my divorce I am looking to the positive.

It is what I have to do to cope.

To ultimately be happy.

The alternative is not an option for me.

Not to say I do not have my moments.

Times I hide in the bathroom or bedroom and cry.

Times where all I want to do is to go to sleep and just not wake up.

I do.

I choose at those times to use tools that help me cope…

to get through…

until I see the sun again.

This is me,

and you know what?

I like me!

Until next time be happy!!


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