Thursday, November 20, 2014


Good morning there you lovlies! What a great day it looks to be.

I had been doing a thankful Thursday sorta series but really I am grateful…thankful for so many reasons I would eventually just bore you all.

Thursday thought is sort of similar though because each topic I know I can find something about it that I am thankful for.

Like my children.

I love them to the core.

Even though my younger 2 are the only ones that live with me I think about my oldest son all the time.

I miss him terribly.

He left on bad terms and I do not agree with decisions he has made but that does not change my love for him.

I do not think a day goes by that my hopes are that things will change so I can see him and give him a hug.

My younger 2 make me smile…


Children are truly such blessings and I am blessed 3 times over.

Then family that we marry into.

I absolutely adore my in-laws and it is a hard thing to think about no longer technically being related to them soon.

My Mother and Father-in-law are to me like my own parents.

I have known them for many many years and to have this change is hard too.

But family is actually what we make it.


Like family is not always blood related.

I have blood sisters and then I have sisters I have claimed.

Friends that have found a place in my heart.

Ones I can talk to.

Ones that make me smile.

Ones that accept me for who I am.

Those are family I choose.

I am blessed in so very many ways with people in my heart.

Ones I can call sister and smile.

After all I will say it again…

Family is what WE make.

What do you think?

Until next time…


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