Friday, June 13, 2014

Frugal Fridays

Good morning you fabulous people!

I love me some retail therapy, don't you?

Especially when I find just awesome deals like I did...again!

See I love going to GW Boutique...that is what we call our local Goodwill...BUT I have found some pretty awesome consignment stores here in my area lately.

Again I scored some great shirts for...

JUST $1 each!

Yep gotta love a good bargain.

See that little strapless number? totally LOVE how it fits and just as soon as this girl locates a bra that would be appropriate to wear under it, that baby will be worn without a sweater or cover up.

Still trying to get that regular exercise routine in, I WILL get there.

Now that is almost feels like summer here in the beautiful state of Maine I have been enjoying cold protein drinks instead of the regular hot coffee protein drinks.

One of my faves so far has been the Cookies and creme Frap!

Oh my!

I just cannot do my fave coffee shops....Starbucks...fraps because the sugar content makes me literally ill, but this is sooo good and I had my daughter taste it, she DOES enjoy Starbucks fraps, and she said it was pretty close to what she enjoys when we visit our local Starbucks.

So I ask you...

With summer here what are some of your favorite cold protein drinks?

Share with us please, maybe we will find a new fave! ;)

Have a marvelous day and weekend!

Until next time...


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