Monday, January 13, 2014

Perfect Day

Hello lovlies!

Things I am thankful for are never ending, but truly is not that the way it should be?

Tuesdays weather here in Maine was absolutely gorgeous!

Perfect day for a photo shoot!!

And a photo shoot we had!

A fantastic lady,

A beautiful person contacted me after reading about my sadness regarding not having a shoot done this fall.

Telling me she wanted to do our photos.

We finally were able to get together and what a perfect day!

We previewed the photos and let me tell you they were fantastic!!

I cannot wait to share them with all of you.

Heather you are very talented!!

I am so very thankful!

Our family tradition continues thanks to you.

I have a spot saved on my living room wall to showcase our fave, though I am thinking we might have a hard time choosing.

I am so thankful for the wonderful people…


I have in my life.

Like friends that drop by…

To enjoy a nice dessert and chatting a bit.

And they make and bring YOU chocolate covered strawberries!!

Thank you Monica…the sister I never new I had.

Truly I am blessed!

What are you thankful for today?

Until Next time…


Friday, January 10, 2014

140 Pounds!!!

A fabulous hello to you!

Yesterday was, well, CRAZY!

I had a cosmetic reset assigned in a local store that went from a 4 hour day to an 8 1/2 hour day... all on my feet.

Then after getting home, finally eating a good meal...well sort of... it was off to my cleaning job!

Another 2 hours on my feet with physical work.

That person up there on the left would not have made it through the day, let alone made it to my cleaning job.

As sore as I am this morning I know with stretching and moving I will feel much better by the afternoon.

It is just mind blowing to me at the changes I have made the last 18 months. Changes I had been struggling to make...for years!

I am 15 pounds lighter now then in the right photo above, still about 60 pounds from where I would ultimately like to be but I feel good.

Not just feel good physically,  but mentally too. I feel good about what I have already accomplished and know I can still accomplish much.

I read something this morning...

Your fat might be someone else's skinny...

so don't judge.

Totally was an aha moment for me.

I truly am finding that despite...

The lose skin

The 60 pounds still to go

The soreness I feel right now

...I am comfortable in my own skin!

The first time I ever remember feeling this way.

I like it...a lot!

That certainly not to say I don't have moments or a day here and there that those old inadequate and hate my body feelings come back, but they are less and less.

For me...

To me...

That is success!

Do you or have you struggled with this body image hate? Have you gotten past it and can love you for who you

Until next time...


Monday, January 6, 2014


Good morning lovlies!

Each day I find myself so thankful.

When I think about it tears come to my eyes.

I am so undeserving, really, for the blessings that have entered my life.

This past Sunday we encountered our first snowfall…

When my husband left us back in May I knew I needed to find a more suitable, more manageable home for the kids and I.

I started looking way back then.

I tried looking to stay in the area I was living, to not have too much change but just kept getting blocked.

I finally looked a little further away….still nothing.

Then things finally fell into place.

I found the apartment I am now living in…

That the 3 of us really love.

We adore the new congregation we are in, though miss our friends from our previous one.

It is good that we are still fairly close and will keep up with them.

Moving on…

So I was doing errands Monday…after our first snow…

It all of a sudden hit me…

and even now as I am thinking about it tears are just welling up!

A higher power is certainly looking out for us in so many ways.

His hand is so evident in our lives it is just truly amazing and I am so humbled by it…

As I am just so not deserving of all He has done.

I do not intertwine my faith here…

I do not honestly feel it is the right platform for it but…

this is impacting and encompassing all that is with my life that I just need to share it.

We only moved 15 days prior and realistically we should have moved that weekend!!

The weekend of our first snow!

So you are probably thinking so what!!

Well we had a nightmare of driveway at our previous home.

Especially in the winter…

with ice and snow covering it!

We slid down it last year many times, ending in the ditch a few times after…

it was plowed…


and the van had studded tires!

Plus being in the country the roads were not taken care of in a  timely manner.

The roads in town where we moved were beautiful!

It is the little things right?

Why the big deal, right?

I had to use the money I needed to buy studded snow tires for my van…

it is a different one then I had last year…

for moving expenses and my income right now is next to nothing as financial help from husband has stopped…

hopefully only temporarily.

So the hopes of getting the tires I really need are not anywhere in my near future,

but thankfully the roads here are much better than where we had been.

So I will continue taking things as they come.

Being so appreciative and thankful for all that I have…

for those in my life that are true…

They are what is truly important and without them…

those that are right here helping to hold me up through this extremely stressful and sad time in my life…

to them, and they know who they are…

Thank you!

I love you all!

I hope your day is filled with smiles and love!

Until next time…