Friday, July 19, 2013


Things here have been totally crazy…insane!

I am so far behind on so many things.

So what has been going on you ask?!!

  • July 5th I hit 1 year post-op and I have yet to take pictures to see the difference a year has made! Hopefully they will get done this weekend and I will be able to post them next week sometime.
  • Life here has definitely been throwing me curveballs and I have given in to some, others I am battling successfully.
  • That is life though right? Never really a dull moment.
  • My exercise routine has been severely hindered.
  • Our oldest son has temporarily moved back home. This is stress in itself as he is very headstrong and not willing to really abide by house rules. It IS temporary though…I love him…I keep reminding myself of this with each battle we have. Within a month he will be going to Job Corp to get training for welding. Until then there just is not a lot of peace in our home…just a lot of stress which is effecting all of us, I am sure it is effecting him as well.
  • We keep having issues with our van, dropping almost a thousand dollars a month into it the past 3 months and it is still not right. This is VERY stressing to me as it has eaten into a big chunk of savings and summer fun money.
  • We had plans of going back to New York and Washington in October but this time with all of us, that will not happen now because of the van issues. I am really saddened about this because my daughter and I had such a great time this past March when we went and we were looking forward to going again but with her dad and younger brother joining us this time.
  • The stress has triggered bad habits to return. Eating what I should not be eating…sugary foods…fried foods…lots of not good for me carbs!
  • Result: I am not where I should be with this journey. I own it, I know where I have gone wrong but that does not make me any less mad at the decisions I have made.
  • Solution: Work harder…keep the crap out of my house! No one needs it anyway…get my butt exercising again!
  • Nothing in my life has really been consistent…NOTHING! That really has to change and it needs to change NOW!

Frustration….stress…I HATE it!

My goal is to bring consistency back into my life…ASAP.

So talk to me: How do you keep things on track and be consistent when life has a tendency to throw curveballs at you? What are your strategies? How do you cope?

Until next time…


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