Tuesday, May 21, 2013

It NEVER Gets Old!

NSV’s that is!!

Do not get me wrong I love watching that number on the scale go down but the NSV’s are awesome. I forget to really take note of them sometimes.

Like last night.

I have been going up to my kiddos rooms to tuck them in again…it is a fairly steep set of stairs, yet I go up and down them with ease.

It happen to be the Hubs who mentioned this to me and it got me thinking of other victories I have been having.

Like what you ask?

Oh I am thrilled you asked that!

  • Like having wiggle room when I sit in movie theatre seats.
  • Like needing a belt so my jeans do not fall down.
  • Like needing to move the van seat up so I can reach the peddles to drive.
  • Like walking up a flight of stairs without holding the railing pulling my aching body up.
  • Like my kids hugging me and they are able to reach all the way around me.
  • Like feeling my hip bones.
  • Like not being too heavy to use my Wii Fit board!
  • Like being able to jump on my fitness trampoline.
  • Like my cankles getting smaller.

The list will continue to grow and I gotta tell you it just does not get old!

Thank you for tagging along on this crazy journey of mine…that too will never get old!

Until next time…


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