Monday, May 20, 2013

Addictions Take 2

A fantabulous morning all and welcome to Monday.

Friday I spoke about addiction and it is so true in my case. It seems to be so in some of you as well. Thank you for chiming in via emails.

So tell me this, given this choice in front of you….which would you choose?

This time last year I would grab that chocolate and run!

I would go so far as buy bags of chocolate, hide them and eat them in secret! I do not mean a little. I ate a LOT of it.

I “needed” it.

I would be stressed about something and go gorge on it.

I felt better…for a little bit.

Then the guilt, shame and feelings of worthlessness would just take over.

I could not talk to anyone about it and until recently could not even admit it to myself. Sad, but true.

Today I accept what I did, I choose to move on and past it.

Now a side effect of weight loss surgery in some is dumping. Not in me. Yes I found that out. Sugar does not make me sick. I am OK with that because I know each time I pass the chocolate I made the choice…for me. I feel victorious over my decision! Empowered really!

Another place I found myself in a chocolate dilemma would be at the movies. I mean it wasn’t a movie experience without the candy, popcorn and soda right?! Right! Ummm nope, wrong!

I still have a ways to go, but have finally gotten below baby #1 weight! Oh and that “baby” is 18 years old!

Next stop will be engagement weight! I can’t wait! I am almost there!

After 3 kiddos the body is not the same as it was but you know what that is a good thing too!

I have a project I am working on. It is converting a small area of our basement into a workout “gym” area. I am excited to getting it all together!

Thank you for stopping by and sharing your thoughts with me, it is so encouraging!

Until next time…


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