Tuesday, May 21, 2013

It NEVER Gets Old!

NSV’s that is!!

Do not get me wrong I love watching that number on the scale go down but the NSV’s are awesome. I forget to really take note of them sometimes.

Like last night.

I have been going up to my kiddos rooms to tuck them in again…it is a fairly steep set of stairs, yet I go up and down them with ease.

It happen to be the Hubs who mentioned this to me and it got me thinking of other victories I have been having.

Like what you ask?

Oh I am thrilled you asked that!

  • Like having wiggle room when I sit in movie theatre seats.
  • Like needing a belt so my jeans do not fall down.
  • Like needing to move the van seat up so I can reach the peddles to drive.
  • Like walking up a flight of stairs without holding the railing pulling my aching body up.
  • Like my kids hugging me and they are able to reach all the way around me.
  • Like feeling my hip bones.
  • Like not being too heavy to use my Wii Fit board!
  • Like being able to jump on my fitness trampoline.
  • Like my cankles getting smaller.

The list will continue to grow and I gotta tell you it just does not get old!

Thank you for tagging along on this crazy journey of mine…that too will never get old!

Until next time…


Monday, May 20, 2013

Addictions Take 2

A fantabulous morning all and welcome to Monday.

Friday I spoke about addiction and it is so true in my case. It seems to be so in some of you as well. Thank you for chiming in via emails.

So tell me this, given this choice in front of you….which would you choose?

This time last year I would grab that chocolate and run!

I would go so far as buy bags of chocolate, hide them and eat them in secret! I do not mean a little. I ate a LOT of it.

I “needed” it.

I would be stressed about something and go gorge on it.

I felt better…for a little bit.

Then the guilt, shame and feelings of worthlessness would just take over.

I could not talk to anyone about it and until recently could not even admit it to myself. Sad, but true.

Today I accept what I did, I choose to move on and past it.

Now a side effect of weight loss surgery in some is dumping. Not in me. Yes I found that out. Sugar does not make me sick. I am OK with that because I know each time I pass the chocolate I made the choice…for me. I feel victorious over my decision! Empowered really!

Another place I found myself in a chocolate dilemma would be at the movies. I mean it wasn’t a movie experience without the candy, popcorn and soda right?! Right! Ummm nope, wrong!

I still have a ways to go, but have finally gotten below baby #1 weight! Oh and that “baby” is 18 years old!

Next stop will be engagement weight! I can’t wait! I am almost there!

After 3 kiddos the body is not the same as it was but you know what that is a good thing too!

I have a project I am working on. It is converting a small area of our basement into a workout “gym” area. I am excited to getting it all together!

Thank you for stopping by and sharing your thoughts with me, it is so encouraging!

Until next time…


Friday, May 17, 2013


Addiction as defined by Merriam-Webster dictionary states it is a strong and harmful need to regularly have something or do something.

Now being on the weight loss journey I have come to grips with the fact indeed one can have an addiction to certain foods.

I know there are some things that I just need to not have at all.

They set me down on a wrong path, one that I find hard to get back on track from.

I clearly can see this as evidence of an addiction as stated by the definition above.

The saying of “All things in moderation” just does not apply to me….an addict. I CANNOT have just a little of “this” and expect it to not to have a detrimental consequence on me.

I wish I had accepted this a long time ago. You see I absolutely have no regrets over the decision I made to have surgery, how can I with the positive results I have had, I only wonder f I had accepted this long ago and acted upon it would the decision of surgery ever really have needed to be an option.

Just like a drug addict or alcoholic I too MUST steer clear of certain things…forever.

I am OK with this.

I accept this.

I move on.

Yesterday I had a tuna boat for lunch accompanied by grapefruit segments. Delish!

Dinner rolled around and I completely enjoyed my Thai Tofu that I just have not made for a long time.

I am loving my journey and love that you are here right with me. Thank you!

Until next time…


Wednesday, May 15, 2013


And totally blown away!

I happened upon this post that listed me here…

Holy cow!

There are some amazing bloggers listed there!

Ones I am seriously flabbergasted to be mentioned with!

Go ahead…go check them out for yourself!

Thank you Diet To Go!

Until next time…