Friday, October 12, 2012


Good morning! It is a cold dreary day here but you got to take the good and the bad. I still LOVE fall despite this kind of weather.

I wanted to share a non-scale victory today with you. I am now in my smaller jeans again!! They are 4 sizes smaller than I started this journey out at. I am thrilled!!

I also wanted to share something that my husband said to me today. He told me in a nutshell he is seeing a remarkable difference in me in appearance and attitude and in how I carry myself. This made me feel so good on top of fitting into my jeans because after my dietician appointment this past Wednesday and feeling less than stellar I just needed some positive reinforcement.

On the house hunting front we found one we like. In another town. We shall see if it goes through. Filling out application for it and mailing it out today so we shall hopefully get a positive answer and this moving process will be well underway and life an get a bit back to “normal”. I definitely need to be settled. This upheaval is just not doing me any good at all.

Thank you all so much for the support. I really really appreciate it. You guys rock!

Until next time…


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