Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Oh What a Feeling

Hello fine friends. It is absolutely beautiful here in Maine today!

Why YES! I AM at work….errr.the gym! =)

I am so happy to report my hypothesis was true regarding all the pain the past few days I have been feeling. I cut out the bread carbs and sugar and I am feeling remarkably better than I was. Not 100% but sooo much better. I am sure the more I get away from them the better each day I will feel.

My house is completely getting CRAZY right now! We are getting all things packed up and I am really getting so excited! =) I will absolutely be missing my dear friends but I also know I am still close enough I will come and visit. That makes me very happy. Friends and loved ones…they really are what life…the real life is all about. Right? You lose them and well really what do you have left? Nothing in my opinion. So I strongly cherish them all!

I log daily on My Fitness Pal and today I hit 110 days straight logging! That is to say I have been home from my surgery for 110 days!! Woohoo! Things have been going good. I hit a bump this weekend with allowing certain foods back into my diet, however I have quickly learned from it and have corrected my course. THIS is a NSV for me!!!

Each day I try to do things that will have a positive impact on me for all my tomorrows. Not just me though really, for my family and friends…yep that is so important to me, and yes I realize I am repeating myself here.

Thank YOU…each of YOU for the continued support and encouragement. It just pushes me to do better and continue on and to also continue to share my thoughts…good and bad…the whole journey and process. I really am blessed to be able to do this and share the good….bad….and ugly!! Thank you!

Until next time…


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