Monday, September 3, 2012


Good morning all you wonderful people!

It’s a new day…a new week…a new month!

It’s just 2 days until my 2 month surgiversary!

It is wild!

I have read it being described as a rollercoaster and it is. Emotions, things catching up, the scale downs and stalls, the morphing of your body. It is really crazy.

I have hit a point now where the clothes I have been wearing are getting a bit big but I am not able to quite fit into the next smaller set of clothes I have and well I refuse to spend any money right now on clothes. I have a LOT that do not yet fit and just cannot justify the money…even from GW Boutique(Goodwill). So I will just keep wearing what I am and periodically trying on the smaller sizes.

The other day someone made the comment to me that they would love to get their hair cut short but that they “hide” behind the excess hair. You know I think they are right…hit a chord within me. I too felt that way and honestly if my hair had not gotten sooooo dry and unmanageable I probably would not have taken that step yet either. It was really two-fold. First and foremost was he unmanageability but then on my way to the salon I was thinking I need to feel good about me during the process not just the end result. Feeling good during will help spur me onto continue my quest!

Whatcha think…

Until next time…


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