Thursday, September 13, 2012


What a beautiful morning here on the coast of Maine!

Youngest is better and back at school…yay! That is on both accounts.

Slowly I am getting back in the swing of the gym. It is hard to get that habit going strong, but I WILL do it.

It is 10 weeks since my surgery and I am down 52 pounds in those 10 weeks. I lost 3 this week which put me over that 50 pound mark! =) I am totally thrilled about this.

Some things that have been happening though is my hair is really thinning. This is totally normal and fully expected to happen due to the surgery. It should stop and begin regrowth in a couple months. I am also experiencing quite a bit of dry skin. I am working on combatting this because I usually get dry skin in the winter so do not want it getting unmanageable.

I really hate that even with 50 pounds off it is not really that noticeable. I am also still 25 pounds away from the lowest point I hit before. The dreaded “set” weight that my body just did not want to move from.

I also fully expect for the scale to not show much progress as I get to the gym more and more with the muscle I will be building. I am doing slow strength training, utilizing my muscles in slow intentional movements. This is supposed to engage your muscles to the point of exhaustion…and it does. Low reps, high weight.

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