Monday, September 17, 2012

Spring...Err There’s a Fall in My Step

Hello lovely people!

I absolutely LOVE the weather we have been having lately.

I like summer…I like the warm weather BUT there is just something about the Fall and the weather that comes along with it. Then there are the smells associated with it and the food and it is just, well my absolutely favorite time of the year.

See there is pumpkin and apples…along with apple picking…the smell of cinnamon and nutmeg, warm apple cider, hot chocolate, the cool crisp air that just begs you to get outdoors and enjoy the day. Yes I do LOVE fall!

But you really could not tell could you?

I started my day at the gym and walked for 20 minutes after working out on the machines strength training. I just cannot tell you how good it feels to be working out again. I did not realize just how much I missed it until I went back. It is just sooo good. I feel energetic after I am done and I am in a good mood and love the feeling of accomplishing my goals.

The confidence is definitely building. I know everyday will not feel this way but I will take everyday I can feeling like I am on top of the world! Invincible!

I am smiling more and feeling good about my decisions I make regarding what to fuel my body with and getting more and more active each day. I forget I am only a little over 2 months out from surgery. I even forget at times that I had surgery…that is until I eat something. I am so very thankful I have been complication free. I know there is always that possibility and you never really are free from the possibility, but that is ok I accepted that risk and weighed it against the alternative. It’s all good!

I am out to enjoy the remainder of this beautiful day and I hope you do as well. Thank you for following me on this amazing journey I am on. It’s so much better with company.

Until next time…


Saturday, September 15, 2012

Feeling Like Fall

I LOVE pumpkin! It is one of my favorite things during fall. I look forward to pumpkin pie soon too!

In honor of the fall like weather we have had here in New England I decided to try making a Pumpkin Pie Latte! It turned out….

I will let you know but first the ingredients:

  • 4oz. almond plus milk
  • 1/3c. pumpkin
  • 1T Torani vanilla(SF)
  • 1/2T pumpkin pie spice
  • 2 scoops Click Vanilla Latte
  • ice

Place all liquids in blender followed by pumpkin then spice and click. Finally add a handful of ice. Blend low until mixed then on high to crush the ice. If it seems too thick add about 2oz water and continue blending.

How was it?

Oh it hit the spot!! It was really good! The next venture will be a hot version to warm me up on a COLD morning.

Until next time…enjoy!


Friday, September 14, 2012

Was It Worth It?

What a fantastic day! Mine began with an awesome workout at the gym! How did yours begin?
Each day I am feeling stronger and more confident. The “new” me seems to be emerging ever so slowly and I am really enjoying it.
I went out and explored nature!
I was out there with my kids, walking, exploring, having a great time and it felt so good! This alone makes the decision I made to have surgery all worth it!
To be loving life and enjoying it again!
Until next time…

Thursday, September 13, 2012


What a beautiful morning here on the coast of Maine!

Youngest is better and back at school…yay! That is on both accounts.

Slowly I am getting back in the swing of the gym. It is hard to get that habit going strong, but I WILL do it.

It is 10 weeks since my surgery and I am down 52 pounds in those 10 weeks. I lost 3 this week which put me over that 50 pound mark! =) I am totally thrilled about this.

Some things that have been happening though is my hair is really thinning. This is totally normal and fully expected to happen due to the surgery. It should stop and begin regrowth in a couple months. I am also experiencing quite a bit of dry skin. I am working on combatting this because I usually get dry skin in the winter so do not want it getting unmanageable.

I really hate that even with 50 pounds off it is not really that noticeable. I am also still 25 pounds away from the lowest point I hit before. The dreaded “set” weight that my body just did not want to move from.

I also fully expect for the scale to not show much progress as I get to the gym more and more with the muscle I will be building. I am doing slow strength training, utilizing my muscles in slow intentional movements. This is supposed to engage your muscles to the point of exhaustion…and it does. Low reps, high weight.

Until next time…


Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Thank You

Good morning you lovely people!

Today I am wearing a turtleneck…it is a bit on the chilly side here this morning.

After a fantastic up building weekend my youngest has come down sick. =( He stayed home from school yesterday and is home with me today too…snuggling next to me watching River Monsters.

Yesterday I had two young'uns home because this one got her bottom pallet expander on as well as her bottom braces…

Needless to say she is not a happy camper with a mouth full of metal. It’s looking like next month she will get her top braces and the appliance that will connect the top and bottom pallet expanders so they work together. She went to school today but I am expecting to get a call to get her early.

With all this there has not been gym time for me! =( I too this morning am nursing a sore throat and have been sneezing and coughing. SIGH

So I am being the momma and am nursing this whatever I have going on as well…but I AM taking care of me…after all if I do not, well who will take care of those I love?

Thank you too for all of YOU!

Until next time…


Monday, September 3, 2012


Good morning all you wonderful people!

It’s a new day…a new week…a new month!

It’s just 2 days until my 2 month surgiversary!

It is wild!

I have read it being described as a rollercoaster and it is. Emotions, things catching up, the scale downs and stalls, the morphing of your body. It is really crazy.

I have hit a point now where the clothes I have been wearing are getting a bit big but I am not able to quite fit into the next smaller set of clothes I have and well I refuse to spend any money right now on clothes. I have a LOT that do not yet fit and just cannot justify the money…even from GW Boutique(Goodwill). So I will just keep wearing what I am and periodically trying on the smaller sizes.

The other day someone made the comment to me that they would love to get their hair cut short but that they “hide” behind the excess hair. You know I think they are right…hit a chord within me. I too felt that way and honestly if my hair had not gotten sooooo dry and unmanageable I probably would not have taken that step yet either. It was really two-fold. First and foremost was he unmanageability but then on my way to the salon I was thinking I need to feel good about me during the process not just the end result. Feeling good during will help spur me onto continue my quest!

Whatcha think…

Until next time…