Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Win Some Lose Some

A fabulous day friends!!

Things here are going day by day and there are good days…most are…there are bad days like last night.

I tried to marinade my chicken in a marinade I have used for a long time. It did not go so well. I had already had a bad headache most of the day and the marinade just pushed me over the edge. I did not dump, however I did lose my dinner.

This morning however is much better thankfully.

This is truly all a new way of eating and thinking about food. It’s all a learning process. Learning what my new stomach will tolerate, what it will not. What I have a taste for has even changed. I tried some spinach last week…I absolutely love(d) spinach…I however gagged as soon as I put it in my mouth! I just could not take the texture or the taste!! I was dumbfounded!! I mean I ate and loved eating spinach. We had it at least 3-4 times a week. Now the thought of it makes me wanna hurl!

I have been told this can and usually does change as time goes by. I hope so.

This evening I am trying shrimp. Hoping it goes well. =)

My water and protein levels have been awesome. Protein has been a minimum of 70g. and water has been a minimum of 64 oz.

I was reading Mizfit’s blog and got S.L.A.P.ed…

Until next time…


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