Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Visit To The ER

Good morning!

It is a wild and whacky Wednesday here. Had a headache Monday and Tuesday...not certain why. THEN on top of that my oldest... 17 years old male...had a BMX biking accident and we wound up on the ER last night around 6.

It happened to be REALLY busy, so much do I needed to go get my younger 2 from my gal pal Val's place AND pick Kevin up from work. This was now 8:45pm.

That's what I did just as he finally got taken back. I spoke with his nurse...signed consent forms and let them know his Dad would be returning to remain with him until it was determined the extent of his injuries.

Soooo I got home, got my youngest to bed and then took Tylenol PM to help with headache AND to be able to sleep. And sleep I did! This morning when I woke...headache was gone!! Yay!

It turns out 17year old has a severely sprained elbow! He has to keep it in a sling, iced, warm soaks and pain killers. Then he needs to see an orthopedic surgeon next Wednesday to follow up and see what therapy he needs to do to get it all fixed up!! Teenage boys!! Ugh!

He is nasty on pain killers!! Man, glad it knocks him out after about 15 minutes. Otherwise life here would not be pretty...for him!! ;-)

How have my numbers been:

Monday~ 72oz. Water

95g. Protein

Tuesday ~ 48oz. Water

77g. Protein

Pretty good.

Today, will be good...I'm going to make sure of it!

You are the best supporters ever!!! Thank you.

Until next time...


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