Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Taking It In Stride


It's so foggy today. But at least the temperature is cooled a bit. For that I'm thankful.

Taking things in stride. The bumps as they come. All is well in my recovery, it's life right now with the whole rental situation, dealing with my 17 almost 18 year old and him spreading his wings and wanting to do more with my kids all around and being penned in a bit. All this will work itself out. I know it will. Thus taking things in stride.

I got the go ahead to add PB2 or 2in. banana to my protein shakes to give me just a little more variety as I await the transition to chewing food. :-)

So with that bit if addition I made myself a awesome tasting shake.

4 oz. almond milk plus

2T PB2

1 scoop Unjury chocolate splendor

I whirled it all in my vitamix adding a few pieces of ice and viola!! A PB cup shake!!!!!

Next up will be a banana concoction. Just enough variety to hold me over until Thursday!!!

Yesterday's numbers:

52oz. Water
54g. Protein
I'm really happy with how I'm doing.

Thank you for following along and all your continued support and cheering on. I appreciate it more than you could ever imagine.

Until next time...

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