Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Six Days Already?

Hello world.

I am relaxing. I promise. It's driving me a bit crazy though. I hate feeling lazy and not accomplishing anything.

I have my water.

I'm sipping away.

I have my phone AKA bell...intercom.

That way I can get my children's attention if need be.

I have my laptop.

To keep my mind busy.

Yesterday was not bad. I rested. I walked a bit. I sipped all day.

54oz. of water

60g. of protein

Oh yes!!

Had a follow up call from my nurse and I had been concerned I was getting all my protein in. I mean I have heard and read about so many that cannot. She told me not to worry that it is awesome that I can. Whew!

Crazy right. Worried because I can get my protein AND fluids in.

So I'm happy to report at 6 days post-op I'm doing GREAT!!

Tomorrow I'll be doing a video review/update at a week.

Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing my journey. I love the company.

Until next time...

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