Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A Little Over the Edge

Good late morning all.

I'm still in bed this morning though have been up to take a shower have my breakfast and have begun sipping my water.

After yesterday's bit of a fiasco with my kiddies all deciding they were going to fight amongst each other not allowing Mom to rest I laid down the law!

Mom MUST be at the top of her priority list to heal. This means you need to work harder at getting along AND stepping up with the chores.

Dad is now on board and the kids will do their best I know.

Emotions here are high as we just found out(while I was in the hospital) our rent in increasing by 25% beginning in September AND in the same notice we received a bill for our portion of the heat for the last 10 months. Would have been great had they billed us monthly as I have no clue what we are going to do about this.

So with this news the kids are upset because we are looking to move. We have been good tenants always paying our rent on time, never complaining when things are not done right... Like our lawn that has not been really adequately done in almost 2 years. We follow up behind them and weed whack. The lawn is included in our rent. So see what not complaining gets us? Do I sound a bit sarcastic??! You bet I am. I am working through it.

So we can't afford the increase. We can't exactly afford to move. This is why emotions are higher than normal.

Ok rant over. I know something will come along.

Back to how I am doing.

I was able to get 48 oz. of water and 46g. of protein in yesterday. Not having to much if an issue there thankfully!!

My daughters cat Mimi has decided to join me in my relaxation...

Of course it seems like she's ALWAYS relaxing!!

Thanks for stopping by and hope your day goes well.

Until next time...

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