Thursday, June 7, 2012

Times A Tickin’

ok I have tried this post now 3 times!!

So anyway I am sooo very excited about my upcoming surgery.

It is getting closer.

I have been getting ready BECAUSE the time is rapidly approaching. I ordered 4 canisters of Unjury protein powder in Chocolate Classic, Strawberry Sorbet, Unflavored and Chicken Soup.

Then I hopped on over to the CLICK site and pre-ordered the new decaf version they will have ready to ship on June 18th. I hope it comes pretty quick, I’d love to be able to drink it during my pre-op diet phase. If not I also ordered the Vanilla Latte and Mocha in regular and can have that at least the first week of my 3 week pre-op…which I begin next Thursday!!!!! Oh my!

AND I won some CLICK too via their Facebook page! I am just more than thrilled!!!!

Oh and I keep forgetting to tell you! I have finally gotten a Vitamix!!!! I have waited for soooo long and I finally got one! I have used it a handful of times and am positive I will be using it A LOT come my new lifestyle I am transforming to.

Until next time…


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