Monday, June 4, 2012

So Many Choices

The past 5 days have really been such a mixture of emotions.

On one hand internally I was so up built…spiritually up built.

On the other I was in agony.

I so enjoyed the close family time, but hate the impending feeling of being an embarrassment.

A rollercoaster really I guess you could say. Now I am home though and ready to press on. Ready to find my motivation to:

  • step on that scale daily
  • to track my food each day
  • plan it in advance
  • walk each day and build more and more time each day
  • work on being firm but kind to myself

The next time I go clothes shopping I want it to be fun and not bring me to tears.

Speaking of clothes I won a beautiful dress last week and it is on it’s way. Of course I ordered so it would not fit me now BUT will eventually. I plan on hanging it up in my bedroom for motivation to help me keep strong.

I know this is it for me. I will make a difference.

Until next time…


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